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You deserve relief from stress and pain today. Relax with a massage so you can enjoy your life.

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Client Feedback: "After my massage I felt deeply relaxed. My pain was gone. I felt peaceful and calm. I felt cared for, comforted and understood. Bruce's private home studio has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere." Dennis J.

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A Massage in Cincinnati Helps You With Pain & Stress So You Can Enjoy Your Life

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Massage in Cincinnati

Do you have:

Muscle pain

Do you have pain that keeps you awake at night and hurts you during the day? Does the stress of your everyday life feel overwhelming and uncontrollable?

You are not alone. Bruce Strickland, who has 25 years of experience doing massage in Cincinnati, can you help you eliminate stress and problems like these through relaxation massage. You can choose from a range of methods such as Swedish massage, deep muscle work, Reiki, and Healing Touch. You will be free of pain, and in control of your life.

His Cincinnati massage clients report these results:

Freedom from pain
The ability to relax
Deeper, more restful sleep
Better digestion

Meet Bruce Who Will Provide Your Massage in Cincinnati

Serving others is a joy for Bruce. In addition to doing massage in Cincinnati, his special skills include being a caring listener, accepting you as you are, and being sincerely concerned about you. People instinctively relax with Bruce. You will be heard, understood, and cared for.

He knows what you are going through because he has experienced unrelenting shoulder and back pain. In his search for relief, he learned a variety of solutions to manage pain. He will use those massage techniques to help you with your pain. He will give you practical suggestions on how to manage pain and stress.

"When I came to Bruce I was struggling with constant, unrelenting pain in my back and muscles. All I could think of was my pain! I was in mental anguish.

"After my first session with Bruce, I was deeply relaxed and free of pain. I felt peaceful. My mind was calm. After each session since then, I feel better physically and mentally. These changes make my life, my work, and my relationships enjoyable again.

"Bruce's touch is an amazing gift to me. I feel cared for, comforted, and understood. You have to experience this yourself to understand what a wonderful difference it makes. Bruce's relaxation massage has transformed me from enduring life with constant pain to enjoying life everyday."

Dennis Johnson – Cincinnati, Ohio

Please note: Bruce is not a Licensed Massage Therapist. His focus is only on relaxation and helping you with stress. He will be glad to refer you to others he knows, who are licensed massage therapists in Ohio, if you are seeking medical massage services.


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