A passion for helping others...

Bruce Strickland


Bruce Strickland, the owner of VIP Back Rubs, LLC, has over 30 years experience doing relaxation massage in Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding areas.

About Bruce Strickland

Bruce receives great joy in helping people get rid of pain and stress through massage in Cincinnati. When you get a relaxation massage from Bruce, his goal is to help you feel calm and confident so you can enjoy your life. During your Cincinnati massage, you will feel special, cared for, and accepted as you are.

He continues to perfect his skills by listening to his clients, paying close attention to how they respond as he works on them, and taking advanced training classes. He receives regular massage from the best practitioners in the area, and then incorporates their best techniques into what he does for you.

His advanced training in massage includes Healing Touch which has been shown to be very effective in reducing pain and stress. Other techniques Bruce can provide for you include Swedish massage, Reiki, Shiatsu pressure points, and Isolated Active Stretching. He is a volunteer at Bethesda North Hospital where he helps patients before and after surgery.

When you come to VIP Back Rubs, Bruce will treat you like the Very Important Person that you are.

Chair massage in Cincinnati is also one of Bruce's specialties. He worked for 6 years at the 10 Minute Back Rub Stores at Tri-County and Tower Place Malls. Since 2005, he has been doing chair massage for companies as a reward for employees and at private events. He has a staff of well-trained associates that he brings to larger events.

See for yourself why Bruce is considered one of the best massage professionals in Cincinnati and its surrounding areas. Read testimonials from real people in Cincinnati whom have nothing but great things to say about Bruce and his passion.